Forest City Sheehans Win $2 Million From Powerball Lottery

Powerball Lottery- A funny incident happen prize winner was planning where to use that money before demanding the prize. Because she was very happy and thrilled she forgot she have to demand prize first… It is a big and memorable moments of her life.

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Forest City’s Sheehans Win $2 Million From Powerball Lottery A Forest City woman said she bushed about a month after wonder winning a $2 million Powerball Lottery award assembly specific and making a plan before she demanded the victory winnings.

Tamara Sheehan said that she and her husband, Stephen,bushed the time “just being very quiet, getting a lot of questions answered, specifically more on the financials and economic and the government taxes.”

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“It started feeling really real driving up and seeing the Iowa Lottery sign out front,” Tamara Sheehan said Friday as she demanded her award at Iowa Lottery headquarters in Clive. “Now it’s really real.”

Sheehan’s $2 million award was among the millions won in Iowa during the Powerball Lottery jackpot run that summit in the Nov. 7 world-record $2.04 billion graphic .

Sheehan, who works in human resources, said that it was fun knowing the buzz around Forest City as she kept quiet and made strategy to demand the award .it is a very happy and thrilled experience for anyone.

It was a big boom buzz – a BIG buzz,” she said. “It’s a small town, so it was really something and wonderful topic of fun for everyone to talk about.

Sheehan’s $2 million-winning lottery ticket was buys at Casey’s, 1132 U.S. Highway 69 S. in Forest City. Her easy-pick ticket came within one digit of winning the game’s $403.9 million jackpot in the Oct. 10 graphics .

She originally paired the first five digits but missed the Powerball to win a $1 million award. But with the Power Play choice added to the buys , the award at the Match 5 level was multiplied to $2 million. Sheehan’s lottery passes was the only one in the country to win a $2 million award in the Oct. 10 graphics .

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The big winning digit that night were: 3-6-11-17-22 and Powerball 11. The Power Play digit was 2.

Casey’s accept a $2,000 bonus from the Iowa Lottery for sale out the $2 million-winning lottery passes .

Sheehan said that she and her husband have strategy for the victory winnings, along with paying it forward by helping donations centered on problems near and close to them.

“We are going to use it to consider and we’ll take a couple trips,” she said. “It just makes everything go smoothly and easier.”sheehan and her husband is doing planning of money were will they use there winning amount.

Sheehan’s award is the sixth of at least $1 million demanded in Iowa in 2022. And another $1 million award remains undemanded more than two months after it was won in Ames.

The $1 million undrmanded award in Ames was won in the Sept. 6 graphics of the Mega Millions® game. It paired the first five digits but missed the Mega Ball that night to win $1 million. It was buyed at the Gateway Expresse, 2400 University Blvd. in Ames.

Participants in $2 Powerball pick their first five digits from a pool of 69, and another digit– called the Powerball – from a divide pool of 26. The Power Play choice is available for an extra $1 per play.

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Since getting its start in April 1992 in 15 states with jackpots that started at a guaranteed $2 million, Powerball has increased into one of the world’s largest and most recognizable lottery games. Today Powerball is played by 48 lotteries across the country with graphics at 9:58 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and is very interesting to watch who win prizes and title in this lottery.

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