$1 million winner Massachusetts State Powerball Lottery prize claimed in Worcester

Two Powerball Lottery gamer took million dollar in lottery award to home. Which is the highest prize of the year. This year is very lucky and blessed for the lottery participant. You can be the next award winner?

In Massachusetts slammed gold on Wednesday, with both Worcester and Springfield lottery gamer bringing home over a million dollars in lottery award wonder winnings.

There was a $1 million lottery passes demanded in Worcester on Wednesday, along with two other $100,000 lottery tickets soldout.

The $1 million Worcester award was won playing the scrape ticket game “$10,000,000 perk Wins” from Star Pizza & Variety.

One of the $100,000 award was won in Springfield sporting the “Millions” scratch ticket game, and that winning passes was soldout at city’s Pride Station & public Stores.

The other $100,000 lottery passes was soldout passes in Reading from Reading Quick Stop. It was won from Wednesday night’s Powerball graphics .

There was also a second Powerball Lottery win in the commonwealth on Wednesday, with a passes sold from a 7-Eleven in Revere winning $50,000.

Overall, there were 483 winning Powerball Lottery passes value at least $600 soldout or demanded in Massachusetts on Wednesday, inclusive 11 in Springfield and 14 in Worcester.

The Massachusetts State Lottery clemency a full list of all the winning passes each day. The list only cover winning passes values more than $600.

The biggest Powerball Lottery award won in Massachusetts this year was value $16.35 million, which was part of the game Megabucks Double. It was investment at Cumberland Farms in Ware. There were also three $15 million award won in the commonwealth this year.so basically this year proofing to be one of the best and lucky year in lottery world history. Which is good for the upcoming participants.

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