Mass State Lottery winner: $100,000 scratch Lottery ticket sold at grocery store

Mass. State Lottery winner: $100,000 scratch ticket sold at grocery store😔
A big winning $100,000 scratch ticket was soldout from a Massachusetts grocery store and the champions came forward to demand their award on Monday, March 27, the Massachusetts State Lottery passes said.

The scratch lottery passes was soldout from a grocery store called Apple Country Market situated in Clinton, and the lottery ticket was from the “$100,000 Bankroll” game. The $2 scratch big blast lottery ticket’s top award is $100,000, and this grand lottery ticket was the only winning lottery ticket soldout from the game on Monday.

Overall, there were 1,024 lottery passes value at least $600 won or demanded in Massachusetts on Monday, including 13 in Springfield and 44 in Worcester.

The Massachusetts State Lottery releases a full list of all the winning every day. The list only includes winning lottery passes value more than $600.

The two biggest lottery awards won in the state of Massachusetts so far in 2023 were $33 million and $31 million Mega Millions jackpot awards .and the next big award are in the line let hope that this time we get very big boom awards.

The big boom lottery passes were every soldout a week apart, with the $33 million lottery for the Tuesday, Jan. 24 drawing from a Stop & Shop in Belchertown.

The big champions came forward to demanded their lottery passes on March 1 through the Skylark Group Trust. This win made there life happy, blessed and smooth.

The $31 million Mega Millions jackpot lottery passes was won on Jan. 31. The lottery ticket was purchased in Woburn from a Gibbs gas station, and the champions demanded their award on March 8 through S & L Trust.

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