Powerball Lottery ticket worth $3.2M sold at La Mesa 7-Eleven store

A super winning lottery passes with five digits, but missing the Powerball digits in Monday evening’s graphics of the multi-state Powerball lottery passes was soldout at a La Mesa convenience store and is value $3,202,599, the California Lottery announced.

According to lottery representative , the lottery passes was soldout at the 7-Eleven at 5746 Amaya Drive.

Lottery passes with five digits, but missing the Powerball digits soldout in other states are value either $1 million or $2 million, but California law requires major payoffs of lottery games to be paid on a pari-mutuel basis.

There were no lottery passes soldout with all six digits and the approximate jackpot for Wednesday’s graphics is assuming to climb to $109 million.

The superb duper digits drawn Monday were 15, 20, 33, 36, 43 and the Powerball digits was 12. The jackpot was $97 million.

The super graphics was the eighth since a lottery passes with all six digits was sold. Everyday is not same for everyone so high and lows are the past of the life not always you will taste win sometimes you have to taste lossing.

The odds of pairing all five digits and the Powerball number is 1 in about 293 million, accordance to the Multi-State Lottery Association, which conducts the game. The overall chance of winning a awards is 1 in 24.87.

The Powerball game is played in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

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