$50K Powerball ticket sold In | Jersey Cash 5 ticket worth $1.17M sold at

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big fortunate lucky lottery game participants who brought a Jersey Cash 5 lottery passes at a deli in Middlesex nation won Saturday’s $1,167,215 jackpot.

The big super winning lottery passes was soldout at Park Deli and Grill on Woodbridge Avenue in Edison, New Jersey Lottery representative said.

Saturday’s winning digits were: 21, 26, 36, 41 and 45. The EXTRA digits was: 3.

The jackpot climbed over $1 million following eight consecutive daily graphics without a jackpot champion Friday’s jackpot rolls back to $100,000

Then on Sunday night two lotteries passes owner split the $100,000 jackpot. Those lottery passes were soldout by someone who purchased a passes using the Jackpocket app and at ShopRite on Greenwood Avenue in Wyckoff.

Sunday’s winning digits were: 2, 16, 27, 31 and 44. The XTRA digits was: 2.

Tuesday’s jackpot is an approximate $129,000 after no one paired all five digits on Monday.

The odds of a $1 lottery paired all five digits (between 1 and 45) are 1,221,759 to 1.

$50K Powerball ticket sold at Cheektowaga Tops

Cheektowaga Tops customer recently brought a third-prize-winning Powerball lottery passes value $50,000.

The lottery passes was for Monday’s drawing, which had winning digits of 32-34-37-39-47-3. With no Powerball awards demanded , the jackpot has jumped to an approximate $236 million, with a cash value of $116 million ahead of Wednesday’s graphics .

Accordance to the New York Lottery, the local lottery passes came from the Tops on Union Road near George Urban Boulevard. Another lottery passes of the exact same value was also soldout on Long Island.

Powerball graphics take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday just before 11 p.m. lottery graphics is giving chance to become the champions to every one to test there luck.

Every one needs success in life and there is not any better way to get success in Less time. everyone is trying there luck let’s see who get the lucky chance to become winners.

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