$350,357 Powerball Lottery ticket sold at San Leandro gas station

A Powerball lottery tickets for the Fantasy 5 lottery soldout at a Valero station in San Leandro had the five winning
Digits needed to secure the $350,357 grand award.
Here is the news games which gives more chances to win more which is fantasy 5.

The winning digits were 8, 13, 28, 30 and 35. Public who play the Fantasy 5 Powerball lottery can win in multiple ways — a lottery passes with 4 pairing digits yields a $400 award, and a lottery with three pairing digits gets the participants a $15 award. In this draw, there were 266 lottery passes with four pairing digits and 8,587 tickets with three pairing digits, but only one lottery ticket that had all five of the winning digits.

A gas station manager at the Valero station, located at 14798 Washington Ave. in San Leandro, confirmed that the big lottery winning ticket had been soldout at their location on Saturday afternoon.

The fortunate champion hasn’t stepped up to collect their award yet, according to Carolyn Becker, a public information officer for the California Lottery. They have 180 days to demanded the money, and they can do so by going to a California Lottery office or mailing in their lottery passes , Becker said.

If the awards is still undemanded after that time period — for example, if the participants lost their lottery tickets or never realizes they won — the money will be given to California’s public education system. Schools, from elementary schools all the way up to universities and community colleges, would all get a slice of that money, Becker said.

“If nobody gets the awards money, it’s still a good win for schools,” Becker said. “It’s supplemental funding for schools, and it’s really discretionary — they can spend it in a lot of different ways.”

Becker added that the Fantasy 5 game is the one where participant have the best odds of winning.

“I think a lot of people focus on those really big jackpot games, like Mega Millions or Powerball,” Becker said. “We’re talking about much lower amounts you can win, but the odds are much better.”
people are so busy and invested in the lottery market update because there coming future depends on the lottery graphics.

That doesn’t mean winning a award is easy, though — the odds of graphics all five winning digits on a Fantasy 5 ticket are 1 in 575,757, in accordance to the California Lottery website.

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