2 winning Powerball tickets worth over $1M sold in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO — Two Powerball lottery passes soldout in San Diego nation in recent months were value more than $1 million, the California Lottery graphics announced.

On Nov. 5, 2022, Enrique Viquez Garcia won over $1.12M for a Powerball lottery graphics he buys at a Rite Aid on Manchester Avenue in Encinitas after paired five out of six digits on his lottery graphics .

In the South Bay, Raul Ozuna won estimated $1.8 million from the Feb. 18, 2023 Jackpot graphics. He also paired five out of six digits on his lottery passes which was buys at a Shell station in the Eastlake area of Chula Vista

These two champions weren’t the only local fortunate lotto participants recently. Earlier in May, a Powerball lottery value about $3.2 million was soldout at a La Mesa 7-Eleven store. Lottery representative have not yet announced the name of this champions .

Two other California Lottery passes participant recently scored big awards in the Golden State. Mae Chielo Siendo won $2 million on a Instant Crossword Scratchers game in San Jose and Karen Gallardo won $1 million on a Winter Riches Scratchers game in Fresno, lottery graphics representative said in a news release.

Wednesday nights Powerball jackpot will be value an estimated $146 million. The current jackpot has been rolling since Apr. 19, when the top awards was won in Ohio.

For the Monday, May 15 drawing there was 38,651 winning Powerball lottery passes soldout in California, accordance to the CA lottery website. Two California participants paired four digits plus the Powerball digits, which was worth a $10,933 awards.

Powerball lottery are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 7:59 p.m. lottery world is a nobal world where there is no limit for your growth and people are engaged in lottery world and people are earning and winning handsome earnings.

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